Top 10 Rebrandings of 2022

Creating a refreshed or completely new look for your brand can offer mixed emotions. Though it can be terrifying, if executed correctly, the results could help re-energize your brand and prepare it for future growth.

Ahead of significant changes like this, brands must approach it cautiously. Undoubtedly, you want positive results, not adverse ones. To learn how other companies tackled rebranding successfully, see the below:

Why rebrand?

Your brand is your business's most valuable asset, so why change it? Like everything, things get old, people change, and updates are needed to remain fresh. Therefore, a redesign must happen to ensure your brand identity is still relevant in changing markets or within your target audiences.

Typically, the goal of rebranding is to improve business metrics by:

  • Staying current — Rebranding isn’t just changing a logo — it’s the strategic reconstruction of a brand that’ll transform public perception. Doing this helps a brand remain current in the market, showcasing to consumers that your company has what it takes to stay in trend.
  • Attract new clients — Perhaps you’ve added new services or products to your brand that might have a different target audience. A branding redesign can help you attract these new clients and increase the bottom line.
  • Standing out from the rest — Fitting in doesn’t get you anywhere, and that goes for branding as well. Stand out; the possibilities are endless. If competitors have rebranded to a similar concept as yours, adapt, transform, and maintain the distinction.

The above enables brands to reevaluate themselves and move toward a brighter future. By revamping your branding, the results could be amazing, but only if you approach it correctly.

Even subtle changes matter

Many believe that rebranding in graphic design is a complex task, however, it doesn’t have to be. Yes, some brands might need to change their entire brand identity to suit current trends, target audiences, etc., but others might only need to make a few tweaks to reach the desired results.


Everybody knows about the Netflix rebrand. The old-school Netflix logo screamed Blockbuster — let’s all be honest. However, now that they’ve removed the red box and the shadow, it looks unique and like a Grade A streaming platform. 220.67 million monthly subscribers see this branding every time they launch the platform.

McKinsey & Company

With McKinsey & Company, they wanted to switch from an old heritage feel to modernity. As the company was established in 1926, it needed a rebrand to stay relevant. Achieving this was simple: create a new typeface that showcases confidence and a forward-thinking attitude.


Lufthansa’s branding change is minuscule and hard to spot. We’ll give you a hint — the difference runs across the icon and the typeface. Lufthansa wanted to change this because graphic design was made almost 100 years ago. Outdated? We think so. Therefore, the rebranding was designed to make the company look sleek and modernized.

Top rebrandings of this year

Brands are constantly evolving. Because of this, changes in brand identity are happening everywhere. Whether it’s a company in fashion, construction, or law, they all update based on their desire for progression and the improvement of their future.

For better visualization of how companies are rebranding to stay relevant and boost revenue, here are a few examples of the top redesigns of this year:

1. Radio France

Radio France changed their traditional black and blue color scheme into a more attractive, cultural scheme. The colorway they chose was something they coined as fashionable intense ultramarine.

2. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is another company that took it upon itself to redesign its brand identity. Since its establishment in 1945, the brand has remained somewhat synthetic. They’ve attracted new audiences as they’ve progressed, and they believe that their new retro-themed branding will entice even more consumers.

3. MasterCard

MasterCard predicted that other players within their industry, like PayPal, Stripe, etc., would start offering more financial services. To ensure that they stood out, MasterCard adopted lowercase letters in their branding — something that hasn’t really been seen in the industry. They also simplified their brand appearance as a whole.

4. M&M’s

From angled to straight, the M&M’s logo underwent minor changes that greatly impacted the brand. According to Mars, this change brought visual focus to the ampersands, showcasing modernity, belonging, and togetherness.

5. Instagram

Another company that made a slight change to its brand identity is Instagram. Yes, they’ve remained similar throughout the years, but they’ve made the lines thicker and the colors more apparent. Instagram hopes that this will help represent their views on evolution, however small it may be.


The old CNET branding could be anything: a coffee shop, an accounting firm, or literally anything. A redesign was needed and it resulted in a new and enticing typographic design for the tech news blog.

7. GSK

GSK has done an excellent job at modernizing its branding. Despite their older logo working perfectly fine in previous years, a newer, simpler, and more modern look was required to stand out.

8. Nakd

A staple in lunchboxes and office snaps, Nakd underwent a fresh rebranding. Instead of the grungy edges and green text, they went for simplicity, making the brand logo cleaner, crisper, and more appealing to the eye.

9. Ferrari

For one year only, Ferrari rebranded to celebrate 75 years of establishment. To represent this, they added the years 1947, 2022, 75, and the famous Ferrari symbol in one logo. It’s appropriately unique and eye-catching for a celebratory year.

10. Barilla

Similar to Ferrari, Barilla wanted to show off how long they’d been established. They added 1877 to the refurbished logo and toned down the juxtaposed contrast, representing its 145th anniversary.

Above are three of our top rebrandings for 2022. Although some of the changes are small, the impact of the redesign isn’t. Therefore, it goes to show how much rebranding can offer companies.

Need help with your rebranding?

After reading this post, you should better understand rebranding and its importance. Undoubtedly, it’s a practice that all businesses need to consider eventually. Whether you’re looking to tap into a new audience, exceed growth targets, or perhaps want to test a new angle, rebranding is the most optimal way to achieve this.

The only issue with rebranding is that you need to do it right. Failing can quickly result in adverse results. If you’d like to hire a professional, we would recommend contacting us. To learn more about how we can help, schedule a call with an expert graphic designer today.

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