Meet our team

From the dynamic Bay Area to various global hubs, our team of creatives is a fusion of different origins and unique strengths. Together, we weave a narrative of innovation, ardor, and finesse, elevating every endeavor we undertake.

Alex Jakov

Chief Executive Officer

His favorite band is The Killers, and he's been to 83 of their concerts. Loves Taylor Swift & makes all our team members learn facts about her every day against their will. In his free time, he renovates his house down to the studs - himself!

Alex True

Chief Technology Officer

He loves... no, he LIVES in Counter Strike. It’s his everything. Besides PC games, he also likes board games - the ideal evening for him is spending time with his friends playing board games. During most of his free time, he hangs out with his beloved wife and cat, Batman.

Ana Moore

Chief Operations Officer

A mother of a pretty girl. Likes self-education and believing in fairytales. Has an adorable French bulldog and loves to walk with him every day.

Kate Drew

Creative Director

Loves small things, miniatures, and details. In her free time, she tries to occupy herself with something, such as sitting down and drawing while watching YouTube. Interested in Tarot cards and astrology.

Pauline Kor

Marketing Ops Manager

The youngest member of the Sketchy Digital team. Literally manifested to be here since 2020. A homebody with anxious cat behavior. Has a countless hobby collection, but isn't good at all of them.


Web Developer

Spends all of her free time with her son. Adores listening to music and singing when nobody is there to hear.

Mary Kram

Head of Design Projects

Likes to play zombie games and watch apocalyptic movies. Puts everything shiny and glowing in her cart while shopping. Used to sing in the choir, but now she only practices her skills with karaoke.

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