The Power of Your Illustrations

Why you need pictures in the first place

Did you know that our eyes process images before text? Therefore at first glance, the illustration carries more weight than even the title or subtitle. While the text is obviously something that very traditionally represents tone and emotional weight, it’s time to start thinking about how the illustrations and preview images can also convey the meaning of the piece.

If a reader only absorbs the title and the accompanying image in an ad, then commissioning an image that really conveys the tone and meaning behind an article can be invaluable. Allow your image to capture the intrigue of the readers, and it will give them the opportunity to fall in love with the text. Craft something in your illustration so emotional, that it becomes the next article the reader chooses.

Now that we have our mindset reframed correctly, let’s rumble.

What’s wrong with stock images?

Well, nothing really, but at the same time everything. Sure, stock photos are beautiful and polished and sometimes even better quality than the photos you can take yourself, but it is not an equal or fair trade off. Let me explain.

Stock images have no truth. They are impersonal, and carry no direct connection to the tone and deeper meanings within your article. While some might say, who cares if we’re using simple and recognizable metaphors like handshakes and office meetings? The reality is, the readers actually do care.

A target audience notices when there is a lack of personal touch, replaced by a soulless stock image, and they find it sad. It makes them think if the image is generic, then maybe the text is too. They’ll begin to treat the text of your article the same way they treat the image that represents it — like something they have seen a thousand times over.

So if you want people and readers to treat your work with the respect and originality it deserves, your team needs to as well. Replace these images with awesome graphics that touch your readers and it will only add to the words around it.

What illustration really is

One can understand everything about illustration when thinking of the picture book “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. As we travel through the story and his beautiful words, we see the incredibly imaginative creatures drawn that traverse his world and tell his story with the unmistakable and inimitable style of Dr. Seuss illustrations.

We, as readers, love being immersed in projects that have been built entirely for our enjoyment. TV shows, books, films, etc. An original project from start to finish is something to be proud of, and shows commitment to the experiences of the consumer. Besides, who can better convey your image and vision than your very own illustration team?

Graphics can do a lot more than just fill space between the header and intro, or just break up the text in an original writing piece; It makes text more powerful and helps readers feel the emotions and deeper meanings, employing everything from the color scheme down to the weight of the lines. And don’t forget — it can be amazingly beautiful.

How to be brave? Tell a Story!

The 2020s are all about originality. There’s more to life than stock photos, and even when you have no other option but to use them, there’s a way to add some creativity: by turning them into GIFs or combining them with Illustrations, for example. It will add more depth and meaning to your images.


The importance of using Illustrations runs through our veins because it allows us to be bold — to push the limits of our imagination to the point that we can only dream of and make it a reality. It is inception at its finest, implanting the best of our ideas and emotions for the viewers to stop, look, and listen.

To get groundbreaking Illustrations, Sketchy business is at your service providing high-quality business Illustrations and on-demand graphics for your products’ needs. Visit our website today!

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